Logistics & Sales Management

  • Starting up a new fashion brand can be very difficult. Finding the Right Delivery Partner and Delivering  the Best  Service to Customers to best-suit your Brand’s Style and take good care of your money can be a rough Journey for a lot of  people.

The truth is, Every brand is more comfortable working with Specific delivery companies that are the most convenient for the Seller  and his  team, especially in terms of pick-up times, flexibility of  Delivery Dates and Timing, Delivery Coverage. Express Delivery Services and not to mention Withdrawing Finances and Rates.

As an extension of RiotsDealer  On-Demand Production Services,  FashionRiots Brings you A wide range of Logistics and Sales Management Services and Partners to best Suit your Brand’s and Customer’s Needs.

Benefits of FashionRiots Sales Management Program  Include:

· Multiple Vast Range of Delivery Partners, Packages and Services to choose from

· Flexible rates and Delivery Schemes and to

place your Product Pricing Perfectly to

choose from to  best suit your Customer’s

 Personal Needs

· Vast Cash-on Delivery  Range for all Major Cities of  Bangladesh

·  Full Liability On behalf of FashionRiots to handle All Transactions from the Customer’s Hands to the  Vendor’s Payment Account including On-Demand Payment Withdrawal from RiotsDealer Dashboard on behalf of Our Vendors

·Optional On-Demand Service. RiotsDealers can Opt. for Working their  Pre-existing/Personal  Delivery Partners  using their  Personal Accounts.

-RiotsDealer, Convenience, or Nothing!

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