After Years in the Fashion Industry, If the biggest hunter and Killer of all Fashion Brands, esp. New Fashion Brands could be singled out to a Singular Word, It would be



                      WHAT? WHY? 


– Stocking up is an investment especially when you value your art much above The Response it would receive.


 Artists are always held back from designing, making and releasing new, bold ideas in fear it may not sell to well, all the while having to pay. not only  for storing goods, but also with holding the Money they invested in Manufacturing the goods!


The size of Inventory is limited to how much money you can invest on the variations and logistical Equity. 4 Designs may not seem like a lot of trouble, however, even 4 Designs would mean keeping up to 140 Items in Your Inventory. 


In production. Nothing ever works as seamlessly as you would want it to be. Things can go wrong, as it often does, and when one thing comes to the other, you are now stuck with hundreds of bad quality products. It may seem easier to just try to sell these off, maybe at a discount, however, the long – term impact on the customers on the perception of your brand, just for that one bad product they bought from you years ago,  is unchangeable

– Sizing.

Here is a Tale, one too common for many new fashionistas  –


Let’s say You have 18 t-shirts of one Particular Style, which gives you at Standard Ratio: 

 |3 Small’  s| 6 Large’ s | 3 Xl’ s | 3 Xxl’ s| 


As A Gift, you give 3 to Your Dad, Uncle and your Best friend, who happen to be Very large people 


At a general 60% lead generation scope, you could receive 12 orders. 


You receive 8 orders for the style. All of them are Xxl. (Because the t-shirt says HugeMan) 



So on the day of release, You could be out of stock for an entire size,  with zero sales revenue, even when you had 8 orders for it. 


How would you even know this happens all the time, every single day? 


– No Inventory? No problem 😀

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