Live Merchandising & Technical Support

-Fashion is all about Passion.

 It’s highly unlikely that an average customer knows that a t-shirt has been passed down 4 Procurement Departments, 6 Manufacturing Departments, 128 hands, and most importantly, 64 individual, Highly Skilled People before it can be sent out for retail.

To make a t-shirt, a Good Quality T-shirt, You must be well versed at all 64 different Operations. To attempt Fashion without Perfecting and detailing all aspects to best suit you, is to build a house with bricks and no cement. 

Making t-shirts has become much more Accessible and easier than ever before, and the irony it brings with is that Making Quality T-shirts has become far more difficult and mythical than ever before. 

You can always get help from the internet, designer friends, friends in the Apparel Industry, but We Promise You, there is no escaping this. The amount of details involved, combined with the implications and the use of them at the right place and time, is a concept no one could clearly even grasp in a day, a month or even a year.

How about You let us take the steering wheel for a while? 

We appreciate People’s Drive to Learn New Things Much above Their Knowledge. It’s fine if you don’t know much, or Anything At all when starting up.

-But only if you Promise Us You will Learn what we have to teach on the Way! 

•Dedicated Merchandising Support 

•Recommendations/Tweaks from Support Team


•Pattern Corrections 


•Graphics Editing 


•Sample Making 

-In-Call Review of each Release/Campaign

Basically Anything & Everything

To Make Sure We Make You Look Good! 





-After all, You’re a RiotsDealer!

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