Frequently Asked Questions

-What is the Fashion Police Quality Guarantee? 


a) Fashion Police Quality Guarantee ensures that every Product Sold By FashionRiots is Ensured to be


•Guaranteed for Quality

•The Same Quality Fitting Experience, Every Single Time 

•Ethically & Hygienically Manufactured 

•Organic, Environmentally Friendly Materials

•Produced with Non-Toxic Chemicals 

•Recyclable, Reusable, Biodegradable

– How Long Does Standard Delivery Take? 


a) 3-4 Working Days 


– What is the Delivery Charge Inside Dhaka? 


a) All FashionRiots Packages are delivered Free of Charge ( Standard 3-4 Working Days) 


-How about Express Delivery? 


a) We do 24 Hour Express Delivery Inside Dhaka, Depending on Time and Location.

•Delivery Charge – tk 120/=



– What About Delivery Outside Dhaka?


a) Our Delivery Partners Allow Us to do Cash on Delivery to All Major Cities in Bangladesh

 •Delivery Charge – tk 120/= only.(Outside  Dhaka)


However, if Delivery location is out of Cash On Delivery Range, We Accept Advance Payments ( Bkash, Bank Transfer, PayPal) for Sending Parcels through Sundarban Courrier/ S.A Paribahan.

•Delivery Charge – tk 90/= only. (Advanced  Payment)


-Can you Do Pay at The Counter Delivery with SA Paribahan/Sundarban Courrier for Deliveries outside Dhaka? 


a) Unfortunately we do not offer ‘Pay at The Counter Delivery’ at the moment due to the logistical Issues & We Must Apologize In Advance for not being able to make any exceptions to this matter.


– Is Sizing Different for Each Brand?


a) Unless Specified in the Product Page, FashionRiots has a strict Pattern Guideline and Size Chart followed and Guaranteed by Every Vendor for t-Shirts and Similar FashionWear


-I have a Defect In my Product, What do I do? 


a) FashionRiots maintains strict guidelines to ensure all Products sold to customers are 100% copies, as Displayed and Described in the Ad.


 -If a Customer Finds and can Visually(image) Verify any defects they find in their products; 

 1.The Product to be different to what they expected to receive, 2. visually or  as Described 3. is missing components 4. Is Made of Lower Quality Materials  than as depicted in the Ad, 

-He shall Receive another Copy of the Same Product, Checked and Guaranteed by our Fashion Police Quality Inspection Team, FOR FREE, WITHIN 48 HOURS


– I Want to Exchange My Product! What’s the Method? 


a) We Offer Free Exchange Delivery Services for |Sizing/Quality/Design Problems/Personal Reasons|

-within 5 Working Days of Customer Receiving the Item.(Only inside Dhaka). 





What Is FashionRiots?

Abstract :-

(10-15 Minutes Reading  Time)

FashionRiots isn’t Just another Fashion Brand, one more online Fashion Retailer, another site trying to sell clothing. 


FashionRiots is a Different Way of Thinking, a way of Life, about the idea that the current system and Business Model for Fashion as it is, is unfair, out of order, ancient and needs massive Renovation by Skilled Artists. It is the Dream that things can be changed, to serve everyone with equity.


FashionRiots is the Hope, that people who love Fashion & Art can Learn fashion, take Fashion, Give back Fashion, live fashion & Breathe Fashion.


FashionRiots is the Burning Rage, to Disrupt & Innovate the Very Fabric of Fashion, to bring the Convenience we All Have Always Desired to See. Fashion Riots is A New Era of Fashion, Unseen, Unheard of, Unlike Anything Confined by the Ceilings of Your Imagination. Everything you thought could  never happen, Is about to Happen! 





-This is the Fashion Insurgence. 

Huh? So What Are They Rioting Against?

Traditionally, Fashion Brands are required to Sustain Years on End until they reach a  certain Break – Even Point in retail, where their Brand Equity and Brand Recognition can generate enough Profits to sustain their costs of Operations, Research & Development and Sourcing Materials and not to Mention Marketing and Campaigning. 


Hence, All established Fashion Brands

 on Record,  

Have been High Investment Projects, backed Massive industrialist Corporations, who have left no stone unturned to help develop their brand 


You should have Guessed, 

Are Manufacturers and Exporters of Apparel, otherwise Known As Owners of Garments Factories, who have a disposable stock of Materials, and in terms of how much they could retail, Seemingly endless arsenal of Materials, Designers, Merchandisers, Pattern Makers, The Finest Printing Facilities & Fully Implemented Ongoing Quality Management Systems, People to Monitor Everything, at their finger’s disposal. Some brands are able to operate without even paying for Material Costs, years upon years on end.


Let’s Face it, any Mid-Sized Garments Manufacturing Corporation produces More Garments in a Month than Most Fashion Brands will ever sell in their Life Time. 


How can anyone even Dare to Step Up to the Pedestal, stand face to face, against Goliaths, Marvels of Efficiency and Resilience, in a market, where the competitor’s Plans and Actions are  unAffected by Performance or Sales Revenue At the End of Each Month, Year after Year?


There are Countless People, people who could one day empower Fashion, try their luck on a doomed roller coaster ride, who leave with broken dreams, failing the test of time, the Heart and Soul of their Art, Craftsmanship and Love Miniscule in contrast, to the Elite Establishment who own Infinite Gun Power and have no incentive to be Marginally Profitable.


This Riot is to Revolt against a system, a model that does not View People with Power and People with Talent equally. This the Fashion Manifesto, the Revolution to bring New Era of Fashion, The Fashion Insurgence.  


FashionRiots is a Promise To Help the Real Artists, Designers, Musicians, Fashionistas, Learn and Understand Fashion, to leverage every Aspiring Fashion Brand, to Operate without having to deal with Years of losses, time Money, just to be sustainable. A promise to help Aspiring Artists tof Establish themselves in the Fashion World, without all the Logistical and Financial Backings, without already knowing the Inner Workings of Textiles and Apparel, without already understanding the implications of Entrepreneurship. To Let The Talented and Gifted Souls Do what they do Best, With Full Focus.


The Insurgence Believes, The Power of Knowledge is one that allows One to Break all Conceptions on what is Possible, what Can Be Done, What Can and Can Not Happen. Unfortunately, Not everyone is blessed with the Power of Knowledge. The Complications of conjoining Fashion, Textile Merchandising and Branding are not topics people, especially people from the Industry, often talk about or Preach. The Insurgence has taken to their Duty, to Free the caged minds of People who have always Loved Fashion, help them learn Fashion, Preach their Fashion, Breathe their Fashion and Live Fashion on their Fashion. 


The True Spectacle will be to watch the Power of Fashion Flourish and Conquer Our Hearts and Minds when the Playing Fields have been Levelled! This is a Fashion Revolution. 


– For the Love of Fashion! 





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