Category Target Age Group Market Scope(No. of People) Best Sold Items Perception of Quality Profit Range Income Disposition Avg. Retail Price Demographic Attributions
Casual Wear 12-60 Basic Tee
Text Written 12-24
Life Style (What’s Trending) 14-28
Replica Items 14-40
Super Hero Comics 10-32
Li: Sports Teams 10-40
Active Wear 18-32
StreetWear 14-24


Brand Age Pool Product Sub-Category Target Demographics Brand Persona USP/Competitive Advantage Demographic  Pool Most Purchased Items Mean Price Range Perception of Quality
Crystal Coll 12-48 General 1FAll Highly Informed(LifeStyle/Trending) Teenagers, Young Adult Males CollectionHub,Generic, Common, Highly Relatable, Trending, BASIC WEAR



Quality Differentiated, Price Competitive, Product Differentiation in PRINT QUALITY Basic ShortSleeve Tee tk 300 High GSM, No Silicon/Enz


THC 16-24 Street Fashion Lifestyle/Personal Interest Based 18+ Random,

HIGHLY CRITICAL TECHNICALITIES, Expressionism, Loud, Wired, In Your Face, Attention Demanding

Strong Positive Reaction From Customers
LeagueOfEvil 8-38 Comic Merchandise 8-36Y Personal Interest Based on EVERGREEN designs Only Scope left to retail SuperHero Merchandise, Does not Violate Massive Community Standards
Metal.Grind 14-40 Band Merchandise 8-36Y Personal Interest Based on RETRO BAND designs Grind Core, Thrash Core, Punk Core, Novelty Band Items
URBAN RIOTS 12-48 ActiveWear 16-42 Y| Active Lifestyle, OutDoor Fitness
Dedalo 30+ Casual Wear 28-65 Y| Fitly Made to Adjust for Bhuri.

Highest Disposable Income Demographic With Lacking Adequate Supply Accounted for Quality/Durability

Premium Materials, Premium Customers

Custom Tailoring Includes Saving Customers Unique Measurements

De’Rive 12+ Sports Wear 12-24 Y| Athletes, Gymnasts, Sports Men
Ludic 6 m- 6Y Kid’s Wear
Reverie Custom Tailoring Designer Clothing

Special Sizes Clothing

Custom Clothing

Bulk Clothing

RiotHeads Masks
FashionShop 14-26 Replica(Dont Ask :P) Huge Hidden Demand for Segment in Market. Customers mostly falsely claim product as authentic afterwards
Lumiere Generic Panjabi & Ethnic Wear Designer Panjabis
Anmona Hand Painter
BanglaMentalz Official Band Merchandise
LOBAAAA Boutique
Cringe Tees(CC) Gag Novelty Items
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